Here we find ourselves knockin’ on February 2015’s door and so it is time for a shameless ArKane Creative sales plug!  Mostly for all you die hard art fans who are just aching for and waiting to read about the latest creations being brewed up by the [K].  Understandably.

Currently we have “Caddis Anyone?” long sleeved Sport-Tek fly fishing themed shirts available on our website.  The shirts are also available at Northwest Outfitters (Orvis).

We have also created several versions of fly fishing wall art featuring different motifs and colors.  Eight of [K]’s original photographs and a green framed version of “Fly on the Wall” are currently on display at Starbucks here in Coeur D’ Alene in the Riverstone shopping area.

All of our art is highly customizable to our client’s taste and we are happy to design one off pieces of people’s own design.  We also do professional, custom digital, real estate, and family photography to name a few.

What is coming down the pipe you ask?  Well, more fly fishing, some brand new biking pieces, and more photography to be sure.  Stay tuned why don’t you.

Oh, need  a website?  We do that too.