Continuing our conversation about fly fishing gear, we move on to another essential piece of a fisherperson’s outfit.  The fishing net.  Many versions exist.  We will focus on the smaller river model as opposed to the larger spey rod version.  The spey rod is generally used for larger rivers and fish and also for fishing in the ocean from the shore.

Our favorite version of the net is made out of  a plastic and rubber mixture with either a wooden or metal handle.  These nets are the most “fish friendly” as the material is slick and the netting is of a wider gauge.  Not only is it easier on the fish, but it is less likely to get tangled up with your line.  Also, magnets are available to hook onto your gear vest for convenient “out of the way” storage.

Don’t forget our ArKane Creative Sport Tek long sleeved “Caddis Anyone?” shirt for comfortable fly fishing in a variety of weather conditions.

Have fun out there and be respectful of other anglers.