It is now 2015 and low and behold, we can still find fish in the streams and rivers!  So let’s go fishing.

That being the case, it is time for the next installment in ArKane Creative’s fly fishing gear guide discussion.  The apt river/stream angler in our opinion will want to utilize river boots.  The bottoms of these boots are lined with thick durable felt because rocks on the bottom of the riverbed get covered in dirt and plant matter that causes them to become slick and can cause an angler to fall or “go for a swim” so to speak.  Simms, Patagonia, and many other vendors make quality boots worthy of  consideration.

Adding river boots to your fly fishing gear will enhance your experience by reducing risk as you enjoy fishing the great outdoors.  Remember to keep in mind ArKane Creative’s long sleeve Sport-Tek “Caddis Anyone?” shirt for comfortable fishing in all weather conditions.

Don’t forget to be respectful of the river and to your fellow anglers.