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IMG_6566 IMG_6567Here in Coeur d’ Alene, ID, it is another fine day for Ar[k]ane Creative.  While here in the area, many people enjoy boating.  For local and visiting peoples, Mica Bay is a scenic and a tad off “the beaten path” destination on the lake.

Recently, we visited what used to be called Emerald Park.  Currently the park can be enjoyed under the moniker Mica Bay Boater Park.  There are camping spots there and is mostly accessible by boat.  Overnight dock space is available.  We did not inquire about rates for said park, but if you are out on the lake and looking to camp overnight, chances are you are not worried about how many “fun tickets” it will cost.  Other perks include large scale child toys, a good sized beach, lots of supple grass to set up a tent on, and a covered BBQ structure.